LogBook Loan.

LogBook Loan.

Stawisha Credit Limited is the leading provider of Logbook Loans in Kenya. Logbook Loans are when you deposit your logbook with a financier as collateral for a loan most which is offered quicker than in other banking institutions. because of this, Logbook Loans are a good source of loans for dealing with emergencies.

Sometimes, people who borrow logbook loans find themselves with poor credit history with most institutions looking at them harshly and refusing to grant them loans even in scenarios where they have since mended their ways and have proof of future income. Stawisha Credit disregards your credit history for as long as you can show proof of future capacity to repay the loan.

Due to this provision, Logbook Loan lenders assume quite a sizeable risk. Many people wrongly assume then that by assuming such a risk, logbook loans are very expensive with some accusing credit only institutions of having shylock tendencies. While we do not want to speak on behalf of other providers of Logbook Loans in Kenya, we at Stawisha Credit can guarantee that we are priced at very competitive levels. We offer logbook loans from as low as 2.5% and car loans from as low as 2% monthly interest rate ( an APR of 30 and 24% respectively).

You have a pressing financial need and you own a car ( any age)? Go ahead and apply for a logbook loan with us. Do not get stuck!!!


Anyone who owns a private, commercial or passenger service vehicle qualifies for a logbook loan. The loan can be secured against more than one motor vehicle at the same time.

– Original Logbook.
– KRA Pin of Applicant.
– National ID of Applicant.
– 2 Passport Photos.
– 6 Months Bank Statements.
– Comprehensive Insurance Certificate.